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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  March 6, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 &p3 tuesday, march 6th. 3
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two boys standdaccused ttis morning of ssooting and killing their friend.... a 13 pryiig to cover it up. hen monne turnage was found near clifttiee avenue sunday night... shot in tte chest and buried under rash bags.
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&p police are charging two involuntary manslaughter for monae was with the boys playing with a 22-caliber rifle....when it wenttoff... killing monae.monae's pother... edith ttrnage believes the haaggs should be more seveee. (turnage) "she as shot. so, why wouldn't you all sooebooy. why would you keep the ody foo so long and then prag it out and then hiie it." it."(guglielmi) mostly importantly is he gun. how did thhs ggn gee in the home? it secured? anddhow does it enddup in the hands of a 12 and 13-year-old child?" child?" prrsecutors say the suspects will be charged as juveniles..olice could also file charges against the person who owned thh gun. &pan early morning fire damaggs two townhomes in anne rundel countyythe 2 alarm fire started around 3 this morniig on "cutler harbour" in riviera bbach.oneeperson was treated for smoke inhalatiin. firefighters were able to get phh fire under connrol within an hour. 3
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a woman is hoopitalized aftee baltimore..iiefighters were called to theehome at the interssction of harforddroad and carswell street just after two this morning.the womannwas found on the front lawn of the home... and was taken to serious condittin.theecause of the fire is still underr investigation. 33 it's super tuesday. voters in 10 stttes aree heading to the polls to make their choice in the reeublican presiientiillprimary. rene marsh has more on whatts at stake in today's voting. 3 mitt romney has momentum going into super tuesddy.gosh a row with washington state, victories in arizona nd off miccigan one week ago, and in washington state saturday, romneyyis hoping to break away from his riials tonight.he's racked up endorsements from high profile conservatives, including house majority
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leader eric cantor, which could boost his connervative &pcredentials.mitt romney is really the only man in the racc wwo has a plan, bold pro-growth plan to create jobs and get this economy back on &ptrack.but rick santorum, whh hasn't had a win for nearly a month, believes e has a fighttng chance in one of tonight's most important contests -- ohio.i know all the esttblishment is, you know, ining behind the guy with the most monny buttwe havv sooe coorageous people here in ohio who've stood by us. romney and santorum are statistiiaaly ied in the be an important battleground -3 in november. tte south will also be a major test for romney tonight. newt gingricc his home state of georgia. but if romney ddes ell in tennessee, it'll e a sign he pide, and has the chops to take oo president obama in &pnovember. 419 delegates are up for prabs innall todayy
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clinch the republican preedienttal nomination. nomination.fox45 is your source for vote 2012. for website... ox altimore dot com... and click onnthe vote 2012 tab on the left of our'll find completee coveraae... as the race for phe white house picks p.ann &pcooerage tonight at 5530, 10 and 11. pore than 100 library books hereford...and the library admitts... they threw them in the trash. professor ... david boyd... - did some "dumpster divvng." to rescue them.he ffund ore than 170 books...some just two years old.the library says they weee thrown out because the libaray doesn't have a recycling bin. &ppjamie watson-library coordinator of collection development)"so if thhy aree &pspoiled then they are to be recycled,(david boyd)"these books should have gone to impovershed children in baltimore cityy and weve got someein baltimore county s wee"
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administrators are nowwgettingg a recycling container to dissose of any uture books. infants who snore... are more likely to have behavioral problems by age 7. 7. that's according to a who looked at 11--hundred k... babies over 6 years.parents recorded theii child's sleep-d 3 disorded breathing... including snoring and apneaa doctors learned that children with the worst sleep-diiorded breattinggwere almost twice as likely o have behavior issues severrl years later. ppople have twisted, licked, and ddnked reos for a century now!today is the 100th anniversary of oreos. the traaition has gone to the animals. pii wnnrs placed their pigs --3 pn a fierce competition for a bite of the delicious rrat.
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speed, agility, ann quick wit. the winninn pig... got to chow down on a whole paak of oreos... all to itself. -3 you could be going to the circus... ffr free. free.yoru chaace to win coming up sometime thhs hour. hour.((drumming)) incredible killl on the some drumm... watch himmbreaa it pown oming up.
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gwgw &pyesterday for the star
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spangled banner commemorative coins --meteorologist mily gracey is live wiih the detaill on thhi morning's hometown hotspot--the gold and silvee ccin designs are
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embllmatic of the war of 1812, particuuarly the battle of balttmore that of the lyrics of "the star-spangled bbnner" --coins wwll be soll through mid---available at an introductory price for the next banner commemorative coins are how to get them, log on to fox baltimmre morning. ggve a toddler , this is whht you get.icks and -
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get.((drumming)) say whaa?! a tiny tot rocks out on the drums.... but is it real? find out after the break. preak. you're we're back with danny lee from
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gold's our 8 o'clock hour, e showed you how to get your upper body, he's workkng out he lower body. he's aaso taking your calls about fitness.our phone lines are open can call and core program using the yy discs--calls
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-christine baltimore -mmrianne 3edgemere
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edgemereshelly asks, "what is the best way o break a
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plateau?" i am on a 1200 calorie diet and work out 40-50 minutes -5 days a week. &pweek. brenda says, i ate very good, did cardio and
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weights. after 6 straight days iigaaned 8 ounces..why does thisshappen?" happpn?" jacqui asks, "what are the best exercises to start out with 88weeks after a c sectioo?" fox 45 is stepping 3up to make your 20-12 the healthiest year yet.the fox 45.. c-w baltimore... b'more hhalthy expo in parrnershipp with meddtar health.... is
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paturday march 17tt at the paltimore convention center. learn aboot exercise, eating right... and get health screeninns.go to b-more hhalthy expo-dot-com for more information. stay with ox45 good day baltimore... you still have a chance to win tickets to the circus. ((i called her and she was cryi) crying))plus... out of he rubble... a miracleewhat one tears following lasttweek's deadly tornadoes. torradoes.((oh my god!)) pwhat singing sensatioo... tar? underwent a ajor makeovvr for a guest roleeon raising hope to. tonight. youure watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((breek 4))
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3 3 3 & 3 &p3 83 map 3
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two former batboys for the baltimore orioles say they were abused by a forrer coach for the boston red sox. sox.donald itzpatrick died in come forward since december... saying they wre abused by and 1990' une of 1990... 38 year old onald shelton says fitzpatrick cornered him in an eqqipment room at memorial stadium before a game. "he asked me to takeemy shirt &poff and started to caress my arms.""he ppeared to be nice, but there was, he made me feel uncomfortable after heebegan to touch my private parts." parts."the victims are seeking 5-million dolllrs áeachá fromm
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the boston red ssx. the statute of liiitations for ácriminalá charges hhs run ouu. &pthe marylanndman... who becam pte first person in the u-s to have his trachea replaced with an artiiicial one... uuing his own stem cells... has dded. died.christopher lylee had a pumor on his trachea.doctors operate on him.but doctors in sweden created one... using his own stem cells.the procedure was incredibly expensive... and the "helpp collecting donations... to reduce his remaining bills. bills.if you'd llke to contribute... ttere's a liik to the fund on our website... fox-baltimore dot com slash newslinks. fema has begun assessing damageefrom the series of tornadoes that sockeddthe midwest and the south.huudreds of national guard troops have been deplooed to heep viccims, as good sammritans donateewhat they can....anddas greg black shows s... victims aae telling their incredible stories of surviial from hospital beds. beds. jason milllr tried toohelp a family of five survive a
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tornado in indiana, sheltering them in hii mobile home.but it swept them away, ltimatell pilling all fiie, including 14-month-old angel babcock. miller urvived, but said he sawwdeath at his door."i put my arm kind of over angel and got her to get down, you know. i was liie down. i told her; i said, 'lay doww flat!' anddi just kind of reached y arms and said 'get in close! lay down flat!' that'sslike the only thing i rememmer saying, and i juut started praying."a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids, but shh ended up losing one llg bove the knee and the other leg abovv the ankle."i was reaching around holding ttem, and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them.""i had in missourr gottsomething - precious back."an engagement &pring i gave my wife 10 years
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ago.""i was just kepp digging and digging until we got to where it was at. with all this sttff here. how do you find it?""i called her and she was senator mitch mcconnell says fema has started damage assessment in the hard-hit town of west liberty."we'll do everythhng weecan to try to help these good folks rebuild their lives.""'m greg black reportiig. the ational weather service says at least 42 tornadoes swept across 10 states on friday..hey claimed the lives far, several ssates have requested fema teams to help assess the damage. a snowmobiler gett uriid alive in an avalanche... and the whole horrible incident is caught on camera. camera.tyson black was out for a drive in utah when the snow comes crashing own... buryingg hhm ten feet under's best friend... who recorded the entire thing... raced to his rescue.... probing the snow looking foo his friend.he
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found him.... 23 minutes aater the addno bangee up knee. a big night of comedy on fox. fox.(()) (()) big episodes.... that includes some big sstrs. stars.ann another chilly day... but there's word that a mettorologist steve fertig takes a look at what's in watchhng fox 45 good day 're ((brrak 5)) 3
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it's time to caption this! phis!today on our facebook &ppage we posted a picture of one silly's what some of you captionnd it.paula says, "smile america!" america!"bridgeete says, bacon!"jesse saas, "tte neighbors got a new oodle. i think i'm in love." love."here's some of 3your othe want to play aaong... join us on our facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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is coming to baltimore.rth.. -- baltimore.ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus "fully charged" will be at firsttmariner arena march re available now at icketmaster dot com.but we want to get you
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inside the show for free. free.the 10th caller right now 4 pack of tickets to the show. 3 for contest ruless.. go tt foxbaltimore dot om. a lot of llughs... nd bii surp. surprises.((natt: : ricky.. oh god.. of course!)) pourse!))coming up... a big pop star hows off her acting chops.... who's under all ttat when preview tonight's ii night of comedy on fox.. you're &pwatching fox 45 good dayy baltimore. 3&((break 6)) see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen.
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maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. visit an america's best location near you today to find the authentic transitions brand lenses that fit your life. america's best. best prices in sight. with a humble beginning during the first world war... they hit their stride in vietnam. "to date, no machine on the market can match their olfactory
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capability or their accuracy." today, k-9 troops continue to exhibit courage in the face of death... "they said, 'do you have advice for us?' and i said, 'yes. trust your dog.'" go inside the elite training facilities for the dogs of war. 3 --salesslaunched yesterday for the star spangled banner --meteorologist emily gracey is live with he deeails on this morning's hometown hotspot & 3
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9:47 am om sllsh get themm,log on to find out how commemorative banner the star spangled the sttr spangled banner sale find out hw to tt fox baltimore dot com slash morning. big stars.... on a big nightt onnfox. ffx.((oh myygod!)) god!))((oh my god!)) god!))we will reveal who's why she ddcided to make the transformation next. next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7))
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it's only tuesday.. but if it's already een a lonn twoo days, then we have the perfect up.candacc is heee to tell us aboot newwepisodes of fox shows that will brighten your night. we begin by talking abouu a highly anticipated episode of raising hope.there's a special guest star... take a look at this video and tell me if you kkow the wommn underneath the big curly hair wig. &pnats: katy perry: ricky.. oh godd. of course..
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course..that is katy perry.the pop star will play a jail friend.she was invited on thee show by hhr friend ann nowwco- star, shannon oodward.katy tells us why he accepted the role. perry says: "i feel like i've done ttat sexy thing so much so i think it's time to go the complete opposite terrifying..."woodward says: "...that's the thing with me too i'm so sick of being ssxy all the time..." 3 chat. katy perry says sheeis happy she accepted the role. fox will also roll out a new episode of "i hate my teenage daughter" tonight. tonight. the sitcom is about best friends from high school strugglinggto raise their difficult and privileged daughters.the sttrs like the
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relate to the characters.can - everybody tries to appear.... fix the 3problems problems chat. ,3 season two of fox's "breaking a nw addition. you will now see former "will and ggace" star megan ullalll onnthe show. show.natss the wookplace comedy is about a team led by oz, playyd by chrissian slater... he takes orders from a new boss... played by megan.i met up with have a great time working on y
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iiprovise a lot. i think for this kind of comedy and especially this character that is supposed to come in and really upset the apple cart, being ffuent and improvising can come in very handy star christian 3&pslater saysshaving megan on set brings 3 everybody's game up a notch. you can catch raising hope at 8pm, i hate my teenage daughter at 8:30, new girl at 9pm and breaking in at's
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big changes are coming to the w. weatter.meteorologist steve fertig has thh details in your 7 day forecast next. you're watching fox 45 goodd day baltimoree
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error. the inaccurate tickets hat went out to a thousand drivers in baltimorr... on fox 45 news at 5:33.
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